Pumpkin Knight Studio Wiki
  • Description: Survival Horror Multiplayer map.
  • State: Currently in BETA testing progress.
  • Supported Minecraft Version: 1.17.X
  • Recommended player amount : 5 - 6 players

[Recommended Settings] - Please use these settings for the best gameplay experience.

[Resetting a player] - Info about restarting target player statistics when an error occurs.

[Chest] - Info about loots and items

[Crafting Recipe] - Info about craft-able items:

[Survivor Abilities] - Info about survivor purchasable power.

Map powered by Pumpkin Engine - Created by DeonHNT

Music Engine powered by Pumpkin Engine

Music Archive - Light Within music contents

File Archive - Light Within support files, unused contents and etc.

History Logs - All posted update before version Release 1.0

Sequel Games - Game(s) in the same universe of Light Within.

Overall Notice - Extra Useful information about playing Light Within Map.

Hunter List

Characters Name and Update

Survivor Info

  • Main Objective: Eliminate the hunter before sunrise.
    • If the survivor can't eliminate the hunter before a sunrise, The match result is draw.
    • Successfully terminated the hunter while being alive will reward you Death Tear.

Default Ability (Shared)

  • Vault - a mechanic to vault through a blocked wall.
    • Cooldown: No cooldown
    • Energy Consumption: 0
    • Activation: Sneak key when displayed in an action bar.

  • Dash - Slide forward, able to slide through block and holes.
    • Cooldown: Depends on survivor energy points.
    • Penalty:
      • When used - will spawn a notifier orb - able to be seen by all parties.
      • When used exceed maximum: exhaust status effect (slowness).
    • Energy Regeneration: Fast when not running and tremendously slow while attempting to run.
    • Activation: Sprint and press sneak key.
      • Hold for float push mode (jump out mode) - may cause damage from player head hitting in the ceiling
    • Hole Dash (Disabled):
      • When using dash in front of a 1x1 space, it will put player in/through that space.
    • Air Dash:
      • When a timing is correct, performing this action in the air can perform an air dash.
    • Wall Dash:
      • While running, when holding sneak key when reaching a 2 specific blocks high blockage, the player will climb up to the top. If performed correctly, the survivor may not receive the damage from hitting the ceiling.
        • If the player release sneak key too soon before reaching the other side, the survivor may receive damage from his/her head hitting the ceiling.
      • While running, hold a sneak key to slide or go into the hole in the wall.
      • This causes damage by 1 HP.

  • Crawl
    • Press sneak key when in front of 1x1 space next to your feet.
    • This ability will not activate if there is one or more player close to you. (1.5 block radius)
  • Lock Picker
    • Time Requirement: at least 12 seconds to unlock.
    • Penalty:
      • If the survivor ran toward the chest and unlock it, the survivor will spawn a notifier orb.
      • If the survivor stop lock picking, the chest will regenerate itself.
      • If there are two people unlocking the chest, the chest will break itself (empty loot)
    • Activation: Hold sneak key when both hands are available.

  • Object Dismantling
    • Time Requirement: Depends on an object.
    • Requirement: The survivor must be in <1 block radius to perform an action.
    • Activation: Hold sneak key when both hands are available.

  • NOTE: Some action may not be available when one of your hand is unavailable.

Map List

  • Abandoned Hospital - Since first working version
  • The Factory - Gear of Death Update [2.0.0 BETA M]
  • Forgotten Village - The Cursed One Update [2.0.0 BETA M]

Game Mechanics

  • General:
    • Time per match: Total of 8 minutes 20 seconds
      • Night time: 7 minutes 30 seconds
      • Daybreak Climax Event: 50 seconds
    • Team per match:
      • Hunter - Only one may be selected
      • Survivor - Unlimited player(s)
      • Spectator - Amount depends on eliminated survivor(s).
    • Area Elements:
      • Chest, Coin, Praying Table, Poison Vine, etc.

  • End Game Elimination:
    • Available for the hunter when all survivors are eliminated.

  • Daybreak Climax
    • 50 seconds before the sunrise.
    • After the climax is activated - the survivor location will be revealed.
    • Before sunrise, the hunter will gain x2 speed boost
    • If there is still at least one person left on each team, the match ended in draw.

  • Coins:
    • Uses for buying item and power up.
    • Not give-able, when drop and pick up by players. (Blocked in Pre-M 2)

  • Ores Ingot
    • Uses for trading item, you can trade the hunter's items for an iron ingot.
    • You can use collected iron ingots for trading item for the next match.

  • Idle Penalty
    • Standing in the same place or still, the music will play after 1 minutes, and after 1 minutes 40 second, you will be exposed and receive weakness penalty.

Latest Update:

Upcoming or Planned update

  • Random spawn for a survivor

Creator Team:

  • DeonHNT - Map Creator, System creator and designer.
  • Credits Tester: SlugGuard, JulianElf